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CALVIN KLEIN Delicious Pout Flavoured Lip Gloss


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Calvin Klein began by setting up his own coat shop in New York City in 1968. His portfolio later expanded to include Calvin Klein fragrances, cosmetics and branded fashion clothing. Their successful fragrance and underwear range saved the company from bankruptcy in the early 90s. Calvin Klein has become renowned for its growing perfume collection, and the AVI collection includes a whole host of the most popular Calvin Klein fragrances and toiletries.


Calvin Klein Delicious Pout Flavoured Lip Gloss colour is a light yet rich lip gloss that works to protect the suppleness of your lips, as well as providing a glorious shine that will give you the sumptuous pout that you crave.


Full of vitamins C and E, this Delicious Pout lip gloss will give your lips a feather light shine and leave them sparkling, while the subtle flavouring will give the gloss a pleasant taste on your lips that will last throughout the day.


AVI has a wide range of Calvin Klein cosmetics products on offer, and this Calvin Klein Delicious Pout Flavoured Lip Gloss is proving to be a firm favourite amongst our customers for its luscious shine and protective qualities that will leave lips soft and moisturised.


Please Note: Colours may vary due to camera flash. Photos are for demonstration purposes only.


EAN: 0883214324250

CALVIN KLEIN Delicious Pout Flavoured Lip Gloss

SKU: AVI-6056817
£14,50 Precio
£5,95Precio de oferta
Colour: Pink Breeze 3242
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